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We believe our purpose and mission is to build the home of your dreams. We will walk beside you through the building process from vision, to conceptualization of the final product.

Pacific North Contractors is a locally family-owned business in the Pacific Northwest with over 35 years combined expertise in the building industry. Pacific North Contractors pushes the boundaries of innovation with modern features while still maintaining timeless and functional home layouts and styles. We are a true custom home builder that puts your vision first in the home build process, by helping you select features that fit your lifestyle. With years of experience in the building of custom homes, we will guide you through the process to create the home of your dreams.

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Pacific North Contractors in Boise

Pacific North Contractors is the region’s premier commercial building, remodeling, and maintenance service provider. Our dedication to quality work and professionalism is what sets us apart from other Pacific Northwest construction companies - and what helps us create lasting relationships well after that grand opening ribbon has been cut.

"Pacific North Contractors have a fantastic reputation in the commercial space" - Scott Marker